Spectrometer Electronics

Building Blocks for Spectroscopy Instruments

tec5 has been developing operating electronics for detector arrays and spectral sensors in close cooperation with their manufacturers for years.
Therefore, tec5 can offer high-quality components for state-of-the-art spectroscopic devices.


Advantages for the customer:


  • Fast time-to-market using proven high-end technology
Modular, PC-based technology for high flexibility

  • Ready-to-use software interfaces for C/C++, C#.net and LabVIEW
  • Direct support for system integrators
Continuing development for future requirements

The product range supports the following detector array technologies:


Application Areas:


  • light-source emission
  • absorbance, color

  • layer thickness
  • concentration


Application Areas:


  • diffuse reflectance

  • fluorescence

  • strongly absorbing media

  • low light-level detection


Application Areas:


  • humidity
  • protein content
  • layer thickness

  • organics concentration

Take advantage of our sophisticated OEM products as many leading instrument manufacturers already do!